Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Robot 2.

The day after the other post Carter drew this Robot.
We also had a chance to meet with Carters K4 teacher at the school yesterday. Two of the things he is really excelling and enjoying at school are, 1. Arts. 2. Reading Books.

There is a book in the classroom where it breaks down how to draw animals based on basic shapes. She said this is usually what he chooses during free play. He grabs this book and sits quietly drawing animals. Funny thing is I remember having a similar book growing up and learning how to draw horses in a similar way.

She also mentioned how great he is with chalk and that the other teachers are so impressed by her students, when really she looks around and thinks, yup, that one was Carter, Carter there, over there and here.

Carter loves to pour over books during quiet time at school. She said he really takes his time on each page and focuses. He loves story time when she reads no matter what book she reads he generally sits and listens enthrawled with the story at hand.

A few other things that we pretty much already knew about Carter is his intensity. He can struggle at times if he's not able to do it the way he wants the first time. Almost like a perfectionist. He gets mad, yells he can't do it or sometimes gives up in frustration. This is getting better, but something we are also working on with him. But in all honestly his intensity we think will be a great attribute for him.

He likes to be the center of attention in class and sometimes will act out to get attention. For instance, the teacher asks him to draw a number on the board. He can do it, instead he writes it backwards or upside down to get a few laughs. Then later during free play he sits quietly by himself at the erase board and draws all of the numbers perfectly.

For being one of the youngest in his class he is doing well. She agreed this is where he needs to be and is excited to learn.

I see so much of myself in Carter. Some of the things that can frustrate me are really attributes he gets from me. I think once I realize this we get along better. It's finding a different better way to communicate together. Amazing to me how different each child can be and how different they need us to be for them as parents.

Today we laid down for a nap together (he doesn't have school this week b.c of teacher conferences) and we talked. He told me about his day. Digging for snail shells (his favorite past time for weeks), his friends, the letters he is learning, what he did in school and then we held hands as he fell asleep. He whispered I love you and I whispered it back. I laid there and thought how lucky I was to be his mom and to be there for that small and brief little moment. What a blessing it is to be a mother, to be his mom and to have him in our family.
Hugs, A

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Edith Ann said...

Yeah, definitely a good choice to miss playgroup. Even though we missed you guys, that moment with Carter was definitely a special moment. :) What a cool little guy. Glad he's doing so well.