Sunday, October 30, 2011

Impromptu Pumpkin Patch.

So I've talked about imported pumpkins here before. They are heck of expensive. Last year I splurged on one, but remember I couldn't bring myself to carve it and instead made two from scratch pumpkin pies. This year, we decided no imported pumpkin purchase. Instead we made three wooden pumpkins earlier this month. Then we had a friend bring us two fake carved pumpkins from Target. I thought we had our pumpkins covered. 

Then a neighbor and friend, Jen, decided to make a pumpkin patch. She hand painted almost 50 wooden pumpkins (after her husband cut them all out) and invited friends over for a night at the pumpkin patch. It looked something like this. Carter is at the bottom in orange. Every pumpkin has it's own personality. They were a bit expensive, but we know she spent a lot of time on them and we wanted to support her. Also, the boys thought they were super cool. And we can use it again next year too.
Here is the pumpkin Carter picked. There was no reasoning, I was hoping for a silly face or smile. Nope. Both boys liked the ugly one. I'm just glad we managed to make it out of the
'pumpkin patch' with just one.
So now this little pumpkin has a place in our front yard.
Awaiting Halloween.
The boys still love it.
Hugs, A

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