Monday, October 17, 2011

Owen the Birthday Boy.

 Owen has been waiting and waiting for weeks for the magic day to arrive. This past week, he's even been singing Happy Birthday to himself, complete with his own name inserted and pretend blowing out of candles. It's hilarious and so cute. After that you couldn't help also be excited for his birthday to come.

So Wednesday was the big day.
Owen turned THREE!
He requested pumpkin cake cupcakes to take to preschool for his classmates to celebrate. I know this kid is totally mine after that request. I was happy to make those with cream cheese icing to boot. 
For dinner we let our little three year old chose. His request, chips and salsa. So off to Chili's we went. He devoured. Then we ordered a molten cake. That may have lasted three minutes. The boys went to town on the chocolate goodness.
Back at home, the troops rallied dad to bring out the presents.
 Grandma Anderson called and we opened her present.
 Carter offered his assistance.
  The big present.
 A Dinasour Train set.
Carter did really well letting Owen have the spotlight. Although right after dinner, we overheard him telling Owen when they open his presents they can decide which ones Owen gets and which ones he will give to Carter. We then let him know it was once again, Owen's birthday and Owens presents which he could share.
Happy Birthday Boy!
We opened all the presents and then he asked, When are my friends coming?
The all boy dino party started the next morning.
He couldn't wait for that either.

Happy Birthday Owen. Love you buddy!

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