Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Pumpkin...

 ...Not this pumpkin... This one is from the local newly renovated Tamimi's (aka: Safeway). Guess how much this bad boy costs? Ready for this, $73.60? Sounds like your kind of jackolatern huh, yeah, not likely. I couldn't resist not sharing.
I was really referring to THIS pumpkin below...
 Me and our little pumpkin hosted Bunco. A Witches Night Out Bunco. The witch tutu was a last minute addition, I busted that lovely out in about an hour. Along with the rest of the festivities.
Living Room set up and ready to go. I also used the dining room table in the other room.
 A closer look at one of the tables. 
 The vinyl signs I made for a few prizes. Yup, finally busted out the Silhouette and I LOVE it! I gave out each sign with a few gourds and small pumpkins.
 The entry with the Halloween tulle wreath I made for another prize. (Remember - holiday shopping here in the Sandbox is pretty non existent. So I had to be creative this time, and well for most holidays now. That or very well planned ahead to bring it back with me on repats.)
 The entertainment center complete with the Target pumpkin Mike's old co-worker Tony brought with him for me. Yeah, awesome. Tony came into Khobar for a client for two weeks, he also came across the ocean with a suitcase full of US goodies and holiday supplies for me. Yes, he's awesome and I'm a lucky, lucky girl who now has a dozen Panera Bread bagels, cherry craisins, Twizzlers, Halloween costumes for the boys and jackolaterns that didn't cost 70 bucks a pop.  The boys think these pumpkins are fantastic!
 The only photo I captured of all of the "witches" at the party, chatting in the kitchen and enjoying festive appetizers and deserts. Since I am still kicking off this new Bunco group and hosted again (third actual Bunco night- I've hosted two of them), add to that my little preggo pumpkin, and teaching Boot Camp that morning, I had each witch bring a dish to share. Took a lot of stress off of me and actually gave me the extra hour to make the pumpkin witch tutu.
Mike was a trooper and took the boys to dinner, then came back and watched movies with them in the back room so the ladies could play a wicked game of Bunco in the front of the house.

After over 12 hours on my feet all day at the end of the night I felt like a pumpkin. Ready for bed and spent the next day recouping from the festivities. Worth it in every way.  Just another reason to be busy in the sandbox. Most times we have to create our own bewitching activities.

Just for fun. Here is a side few at 21 weeks. We're really starting to blossom the last few weeks. You know, how I can really tell how much I've grown. Now everyone seems to rub my belly openly and a lot. I don't really mind, but it's funny because this action alone assures me we ARE growing.
Hugs, A


Em and Tom said...

Love your costume:) You are super cute darling. I need to get into the decorating spirit!

lynette said...

So funny! I just posted a couple pictures from our Witches Night Out Bunco too! Looks like you did a great job!

When I look at your pictures it seems like your still just around the corner! Your home looks great!

Also, that picture from the grocery store reminded me so much of the store I shopped at in Singapore. Are all your groceries expensive or just some things?

Great job & cutest pumpking ever!

stacibee said...

CA---UTE costume! I'm a huge fan. I want in on your Bunco Crew, looks like SO much fun.

Marie said...

Just got caught up on your blog, and am loving all the cute things you have been up to lately! You look great!