Friday, September 30, 2011

Late Night Ramblings.

A few nights ago after prayer, Carter gave me a big hug and then proceeded to tell me...
 "Mom, when I hug you know I will make my tummy do this [sucking his little tummy in as much as he can]... that way I won't hurt the baby and make her cry."

Carter has also become pretty involved in my online shopping for our little one. He likes to stand at my side and point out the things his sister will like. I think it's adoring.

Carter must be hitting a growth spurt. He is out each night at 7:30 p.m. Partly to do with school and then because he's a little more uncoordinated than normal, I think it's another growing phase.

He's got his own mission. A four year old mission and a bit of multiple personalities the past few days. Some days he's endearing, like today when he fell asleep at the end of sacrament and slept on our laps through Sunday school. Other moments, like the 20 minutes prior to falling asleep, when he bit my hand when I handed him a piece of sacrament bread and the proceeded to stick the entire little sacrament cup into his mouth and suck. I seriously freaked out, thinking he was going to choke right there. Needless to say we made an immediate exit from the room and had a good talking too. So, this is a phase right? Please tell me this is a phase, because I'm afraid the past few days my beloved four year old and I are not meshing. We NEED to mesh.

Owen loved the primary program today at Church. He only wished that he could participate- well, I think he really just wanted to talk on the microphone. He kept saying "My turn? My turn now?"

Oh, and Ties. He's all about wearing ties to church now. Just like Dad and Carter. He really looks like a mini Mike.

My little "night owl" can now add another title of "early bird." Is it possible to have one of both? He's up every morning at 6 a.m. and still will bargain, snuggle, give you those adorable eyes and bottom lip,  pound on the wall, cry to go potty- anything he can think of NOT to have to go to bed at night.

His favorite past time right now. The Superman costume with Cape. Over the summer it was Pirates, now we are on Superman and catching bad guys. Which mostly means wrestling with Carter, who also claims to be a good guy.

I started teaching Boot Camp aerobic classes three weeks ago. Things are going well and I generally really enjoy teaching. This month I start teaching twice a week. I'm hoping I can keep up and keep the classes intense and change things up so no one gets bored. I've already noticed my ability to do abs is starting to be a bit limited. No more tummy time for this mama.

I've also started to Internet shop for our little girl. I only wish I was in the States to do the shopping in the pink section officially.

Our OB apt. went well last week, he confirmed we are having a girl and our 18 week ultrasound looked great. Baby is looking great. My only complaint was his non negotiating nurse who would not flex at all on my scale numbers. Seriously, you take at least a pound off for clothes and then it was RIGHT after lunch. I need a new nurse.

Mike painted our bedroom over the weekend a "Moss Beach." I like it. It's soothing and reminds me of the beach. Now to put everything else back together and on the walls. Is is possible for nesting to begin now. Only my nesting isn't with baby things just yet, it's the feeling of needing to nest everything else in the house. To get everything in order, organized, pretty, de-clutter and done, before Christmas.

Mike is still working and taking care of us. He's been great with helping take Carter to school after lunch and making dinner on the nights my body is done.

I'm planning to backlog the blog with pics from the summer soon. Perhaps if I can manage to skip a nap I might be a bit more productive.

Hugs, A


Edith Ann said...

NEVER skip your naps. You need those more than anything. :) I know you like everything to be in order and look nice, but I assure you people understand. Glad everyone is doing so well!

Em and Tom said...

I second Edith! Naps rule, but I get way nesty too, so I guess you gotta do what you gotta do:) So love that you are having a girl.