Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side.

Mike is in the thick of busy season. We see him Sundays during the day and for a little bit on Fri- Sat. nights. That's it. He's always working and every time he seems to call, one of the boys is yanking at me, whining or crying. Great timing right?

This past week Mike and I had a conversation that went something like this...

Me: What are you having for dinner tonight?
Mike: We ordered in Maggianos.
Me: I'm jealous. You get to eat good stuff all of the time. We're having nuggets. I want to eat what you're having, you're lucky.
Mike: I'd rather sleep in like you. (By "sleep in" he meant 7:30 -8)
Me: Done, but you have to take the boys too.
Mike: I'll stick with work.
Me: That's ok, I don't really want to take your work hours either.

It's all relative isn't it. Don't we want what we can't have? At times I wish I could be someone else for the day. It can appear as though other people have it easier or better.

I mean I'm the only one that has to chase my two year old at the gym who decides to sprint past the kids club and across the gym to the free weights only to be stopped by a large personal trainer until I can catch up. Did I mention the cardio equipment is upstairs and overlooks the fiasco that is my life.

But it's my life... and today I'll take my not so green, brown in some spots, grass. Because I know in just a few months it will be spring, busy season will be ending and at that point things should be greener over here too.

Here's a little snippet of my "green" side.
Owen is loving shoes these days. Here he is in Mikes shoes after church. Solid entertainment while making dinner, oh and a little bit of Carter in there too. I love these little men!

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Erica Huff said...

Thank you for your sweet comments. I often joke with Matt that I would rather be at work than fighting with my girls. And then, a moment later, I watch my 18 month old try to dance while wearing her pajamas and sunglasses and I have to smile, grateful that I am here. Your boys are adorable. One of these days, i'll get a boy! You are an inspirational mother. If only all children were as loved as yours are!