Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Couple Firsts.

  1. Carter threw his first throw yourself on the floor, roll around and scream, totally embarrass your mom, tantrum today in an isle at the drugstore. I was a bit mortified with his "display." But in true mothers fashion, ignored it, spoke softly, and dragged him to the check out counter, where I was a bit relieved that no one really shops there so I wouldn't be recognized.
  2. Speaking of our shopping trip, I had my first real successful shopping trip to a drugstore like other mommy blogging pros who get awesome deals with coupons and the right timing. I scored 6 Huggies refills (216 wipes each) for just $10.83! Seriously, I was high fiving myself I was so excited! If you are reading this and interested in how I did it check this out. It's a hidden wipes deal at CVS. I'm not into the rewards bucks system or it seems like I could have gotten them for cheaper. I'm still excited. Won't have to buy any wipes for almost a year! Woop! Woop!
  3. Carter had his first real tummy ache and was able to actually communicate what was wrong. So he sat with me and then with grandma while we rubbed his tummy. It was a long day and he was exhausted. As he fought to keep his eyes open, he looked over at me and said he was "ready to go nite nite."
  4. When Mike came home tonight and we started talking not thinking the kids would still be awake or able to hear us from downstairs. Then we heard a little person, "Da?" "Dada?" over and over again. So cute. I've never heard Owen call out like this before. It was deliberate, full of anticipation and joy. Mike went in to say hello and now he is still awake and occasionally calls out for him again. That's a daddy whose been missed. :)
  5. It snowed TONIGHT... in Houston... in February. For the first time in 2010, and for the first time it snowed twice in one winter since we've lived here. Not so convinced on global warming anymore. :) It rained all afternoon and then as the night rolled in it slowly turned to snow. Little and big fat flakes. Beautiful. I only wish that it would have stuck on the ground.
Here's the little sickie himself. Feeling better and sneaking downstairs before bedtime to lay on the couch with grandma. He told me he needed a "fast car" so I told him to go get one downstairs, five minutes later he is was gone. I went down to find him all comfy and smiley on the couch. Funny boy.

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