Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Time.

As I type this Mike is walking out the door to head back to work. He is swamped and took a little time off this morning to see us. We made pancakes, read a few books and snuggled... and then the poor guy passed out. Can't blame him, he's running on maybe four hours of sleep each night. My mom came down this morning to find us all on the couch, like one big happy family. Owen climbing on the tower of legs, Carter watching cartoons, Mike sleeping and me taking it all in. I really love mornings like this. I wish we had some kind of million dollar idea that would allow Mike to stay home with us and still make money. The idea of working from home sounds heavenly, although with kids this age, maybe not so productive. Having Mike gone so much really makes me take a step back and appreciate the time he has with us more. I realize that children are much easier to raise with two parents. I give it up to the single moms of the world who do what they do, because it is dang hard.
Life is better as a family and I'm glad that my family is forever. Owen after bath the other night. He was so happy all wrapped up. I love this time of night with the boys. Shower, pj's, songs and prayers and then much needed bed time. Remember how I mentioned my boys love showers? Well, we took a look back at our water bill that has slowing been increasing. We had thought the price was going up, nope, turns out our consumption since having two little ones in the shower nightly has almost doubled. The extra five bucks is totally worth an extra twenty minutes of mommy sanity.
Here's Carter sleeping in his big boy bed. He's like a mini radiator and kicks all of his blankets off. Now he's also turning around, but still stays on the bed, not sure how he manages that. Can you spot the little man in the dinosaur pj's?
This photo is from last Sunday. Carter loves his daddy and is always so excited to talk with him on the phone and spend time with him. His expression says it all. *This weekend Owen has added, "yellow" and "juice" to his vocab.

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Jeanette said...

We haven't found the "million dollar idea" to have Jim work from home yet. I can say that having Jim work from home sounded wonderful until he actually did. You are right, with little ones it is hectic. I don't think Jim has ever had a business call where we didn't have a kid crying or shouting in the background. It's a hard balancing act.

Hopefully, Mike's busy time at work will fly by and y'all can enjoy many lazy mornings together as a family.