Thursday, February 11, 2010

Temple Grounds

Last Friday was a good day. A long, but good day, totally dedicated to the boys. I even skipped the gym, now can you sense the total dedication to the "toddler day." We started the morning off traveling up north to an indoor play center for toddlers called Jumpin Jacks. There were swings, ball pits, slides, little houses, and mazes everywhere for the little guys to climb up, over and through. They were in heaven and spent almost four hours playing with their buddies. When we left playgroup I made a last minute decision. The sun came out, for the first time in what felt like weeks, so I made a detour and took the boys to see the Houston LDS temple. I've been wanting to take them there for awhile, but it's a bit of a drive and we never could seem to find the right time. Well, Friday was the day.

So hand in hand I walked both boys around the temple and we talked. "This is the house of the Lord, mommy and daddy were married in the temple for time and all eternity, when you are older and make good decisions to choose the right you can also go into the temple." We looked at the flowers, green grass, the fountains and people in dress clothes walking in and out of the temple. It was nice. Nice to just be on the temple grounds, to the feel the spirit and to share those feelings with our children.
This is the picture immediately after the one above. One hug and smile and they were out of there. Enjoying the fountain. We really did explore every inch of the temple grounds. On our last lap, they spotted the landscapers in action and the Gator.
It was a bit of a challenge keeping track of both boys and trying to keep everyone reverent. But I'm glad we went. Carter was so attentive about everything. He really wanted to go inside as he watched people come out. He's just too little to really understand why he can't go inside just yet. So as he cried and I tugged at him to walk back to the car, I kept telling him we can't go inside today, but when you are older you will be able to go inside. That is my prayer, that both of my children will grow to be righteous young men with a desire to serve the Lord and to live the gospel and attend the temple. I know that is is my job right now to teach them, to show them they are children of God and he loves them.

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JC said...

Reading this reminded me of a very special young women I once knew. So proud of you, the choices you've made and your beautiful family.

The Youngblood Family said...

Happy Valentine's Day Angie. :) What sweet pictures of your boys. Priceless!

Em and Tom said...

Good stuff. I haven't done that in a long time. IAfter reading this adoreable post I think I'm going to attempt it today! Missyou