Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cool Hair

Cool Hair = A combination of Pantene Pro V hair gel, and a little banana, fruit bar, pizza and pasta salad.
Owen was very involved in his own hair style today, being sure to wipe what ever was on his hands into his hair, again and again. Surprisingly, it actually looks pretty good.

Carter likes to give me the play by play during the day of what's happening, especially when I change Owens diaper. Today as I was changing a stinky one, Carter came over looked at Owen and then the dirty diaper and said to him "O-we poop on potty." He said this a few times, pointed to the bathroom and nodded his head. I do believe when it is time to train Owen, Carter will be an asset to the team.

Owen is talking up a storm and I love it. Recently he's added a few things.
Bah for sheep.
Boo for Book.
Carter, in a small mumbled baby voice, but he does say it.
Bir for Bird.
Baw for drink/milk/sippy cup. (He gets this from Carter who still says Balk for milk. A combination of bottle and milk.)
Ma for grandma.
This morning he also signed two words together for the first time, "more milk."


Momza said...

yup. he's the same one. We have an Elder Wasden serving here from Nampa. I have some pics of E. Dille when we were in England. Small world.

Rorie Jones said...

Can I just tell you how much I love love LOVE the layout of your blog! So adorable. I wish I had those skills!

Oh, and your family is so cute. :)

Em and Tom said...

What sweet little boys!!!Thats cool you teach sign language. I never have. I totally get the reasons why it helps I just have never got around to trying it out.