Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Us.

The Dille's.
These were taken a few Sundays ago. (Yes, I do have different sweaters for the boys, just seems like the only pictures I have they are wearing them.) Not all impromptu photo sessions are created equal. Lately they seem more challenging as each of our boys are starting to come into their own. Opinions and lots of them. No longer are they happy to sit and smile for me. Or if one of them smiles the other is inevitably looking somewhere else. But as silly as it is, I still insist on taking the photos on Sundays. Everyone in their Sunday best, right? I just want to take a picture of everything, too bad I don't do this more diligently. Each stage, each moment I keep telling myself to slow down and cherish because they continue to fly by and I want to remember it all. So not all pictures are posed and happy. Really what did we do before digital cameras, I really can't remember. The honest truth is, most of my day is spent like this. Chasing two little monkeys... Comes with the territory I suppose.


Jen said...

adorable! i do it too though, i love taking pictures of them in their matching church outfits!

Momza said...

Okay this may seem weird, but I came over here thru the Atwoods' blog. We lived in ID for a couple of years. Okay to my point--did your "Mike" serve his mission in England? If so, I believe we knew him as a missionary.
Just checking.

The Youngblood Family said...

What a cute family pic!