Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Rodeo.

Saturday night we bundled up and went to our local rodeo. I'm calling it the "little" rodeo, because for the next three weeks is the "BIG" Houston Rodeo and this was our rodeo "warm up." A rodeo pint size for the boys, just down the street and a lot cheaper and more kid friendly. For a local rodeo the crowd was insane. Standing room only right as the rodeo started. Lucky for us Owen is cute and someone felt bad for us and let us squeeze in with their family on the bleacher. The boys loved everything about it. The sheep, bucking broncos and bulls, the rodeo clown and all of the cowboys. It was a great way to spend the night as a family. Makes me that much more excited for the big rodeo next week. I know the boys will explode with excitement when they see the livestock show in Houston.
Just a few moments from the night.
It was hard to get both boys to sit still for very long. There was too much happening everywhere they looked. Grandma and Owen.These were our seats, I told you we really did luck out. We were up close and could see everything.Carter walking by the barn and stopping to "moo" at the cows. This is us. Not sure what happened with the camera to make all of those funny spots. Too bad, because it's actually a pretty good shot. Can you fix it Sarah? :)


Jen said...

I'm jealous. We were planning on going until Brian got sick. We'll totally have to go next year!

Em and Tom said...

Oh, I want to eat those cheeks!

Sarah said...

Angie, email me the full size photo to my us address... I will fix it for you!