Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We love Showers in our House. Baths are merely a past time. Each night I turn on the water, undress the boys, open the doors, the boys jump in, we soap them up and then they play in the water forever. Most nights we have to turn the water off and pull them out and other nights Carter opens the doors and I have two wet naked toddlers to run down. All in all, I highly recommend it. They can play and I don't have to worry about them drowning each other. Less water to clean up off the floor and they are contained in a safe environment while I am able to enjoy them without getting splashed and tidy up a bit. Now if we do decide to have another baby (not anytime soon mind you), we'll have to move into a house with a bigger shower because right now two is alright, but three little people will surely be a crowd.
Best of all the Kiddos love it!
Half the fun are the crazy smush faces they make at me.So if you haven't tried giving your kiddos a shower... do it. You may have to give it a few days, but they will soon come to love it and I believe you will be singing our praises as well.

Ps- You will need to invest in some suction fish, or ducks, or pebbles for the shower floor. It can get a little slick for little feet and kiddos who may not be the most balanced at all times. Oh, and those alone totally count as a bath toy as well.


Noel Family said...

Mason loves showers too! He doesn't want to take baths anymore and i'm totally fine with that!

Jen said...

Our boys love showers, and even the baby has already taken showers with us. Love it!

MindyW said...

This is a good idea...I am thinking it would be fun to try - they will probably freak out, but it might be fun for me (can you tell that after today I am totally happy for opportunities to legally torture them - for their own good, of course)...They should learn how to take a shower someday anyway, and it does sound like fun...Hummm