Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve.

This was our first Christmas at home. Although I was a little sad at first about it, it was so wonderful to be in our home. The stress was taken out of the holiday by not having to travel and worry about flights, weather and packing. We were able to relax and play and really just enjoy our two little boys enjoying Christmas.
Here is the Christmas corner of the living room on Christmas Eve with all of the presents. Until then all presents were stored on the dining room table away from toddlers and dogs. Christmas Eve my mom and I did some baking. I turned around for a moment, just long enough for Carter to grab the bowl of flour. He loves to help in the kitchen these days and insists he get to watch everything.On Christmas Eve both boys opened one present. New matching pj's. (Pictures in the next post). We went for a drive that night to see the Christmas lights and came home and ate Christmas cookies. The boys had no idea what was in store for them the following morning.

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