Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Things...

Some Things about Owen...
  • I believe he may be the only toddler out there that signs for "more" tickles.
  • He's started to pray with us, kneeling down and folding his arms.
  • His new form of throwing tantrums is more like a high school basketball practice drill of "quick feet" accompanied by a high pitch squeal or low growl.
Some Things about Carter...
  • Just graduated from ECI (Early Child Intervention). They have been working with him for a year on his speech. He had his one year evaluation and turns out he is now right on development schedule and no longer needs the services.
  • He's a social butterfly and wants to play with his little friends ALL of the time and will requests them by name. If they aren't available he takes Owen along everywhere. He'll walk into the room grab Owen by the arm and say "come play O-we" and leads him into the other room. No longer is mommy the token friend, he's discovered playmates and enjoys their company way more than mine.
  • Birds. It's the highlight of our car rides these days to spot the birds out of our windows. He does a pretty good impression of them too.
Some things I am in love with right now...
  • The joy and relief that comes with actually following a budget. We've moved to a cash only system and since then it's a lot easier to decide what I really need vs. what I only want. It's hard passing over a $20 bill and it was too easy to swipe my "magic" plastic card.
  • Headbands. I am currently infatuated with this one and am determined to learn how to make them myself. Oh, and I'm also in love with a great scarf, solid sharp white tee and a pair of make you feel and look good jeans.
  • Not drinking coke. I'm cutting back and it feels good!
  • Quiet moments with the boys before bedtime when we read books, sign a few songs and have family prayer.
  • Watching the boys become best friends and seeing their genuine smiles and laughter. How in the world did I, crazy high strung mom, get so lucky?
Some things I am NOT so in love with right now...
  • The fact that I don't have a single photo for this post and haven't gotten my camera out in over a week.
  • Laundry, weeding flower beds, scrubbing floors, dogs with muddy feet, a screaming baby at bedtime or a grumpy toddler in the morning.
  • The harsh reality that it is once again "busy season." So quickly it came back into our lives. I feel like we were just doing the work all of the time, not have Saturdays, say goodnight to the kids on the phone, and miss Mike thing. I'm grateful he has a job, just not as grateful for this time of year.


The Youngblood Family said...

I need to be more like you with regard to the cash system. I use plastic all the time. I really need to use cash so I can be an example to my kids. They think plastic has millions of dollars on it!!! They need a wake up call! :)
Hey, I have decided to kick the coke too!!!! It feels good, huh!

The Youngblood Family said...

I love this site that you follow-How Does She.
I really like the advice on date night!!

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

They have super cute headbands like that right now at Express...I don't look good in headbands, but I bet you're cute in them. Busy season...yuck! We should get together's almost a month old!

stacibee said...

LOVE the headbands too! I made some for Christmas, piece of cake. You can TOTALLY do it!