Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 09.

Christmas morning was full of traditions. Opening stockings, matching pajamas, hot cinnamon rolls, omelets for brunch and of course, opening presents to name just a few.

The boys had a blast. Carter thought every present was for him and therefor had a hand in opening all of them. Before you could get there in time he was opening another one, regardless of who it was for. He would open it, look at it, push it aside and say "mine...more presents." Owen was less entertained by the fiasco and maybe opened one. He enjoyed playing with the already open ones that Carter left a trail of.
Opening presents with daddy.
Owen 14.5 months
My mom spent Christmas here as well. She had to run off to work that morning, but opened her new digital camera first.
For Christmas I surprised Mike and had his CPA license framed. It was about time we took that thing out of the envelope and got it on the wall. We, I mean, HE worked hard for that. :)
Grandma Nelson knitted the boys hats.Carter's hat is a little small. Have I mentioned that our two year old is in 4t? Yeah, he's huge, in a tall Anderson sort of way.
The boys sitting amongst there new toys.
It was so nice of our families to send presents and have them under the tree as well. To know that even though we weren't able to be with them we were all still thinking of each other. Still amazes how fast time goes by and that we've made the transition to parents and raising families. We've moved on to building our own family traditions and the meaning of Christmas has also changed for me. No longer is it about what I want, but it's about other people. It's about service, warm wishes and quiet actions. I'm so grateful in the knowledge I have of my Savior and for the opportunity Christmas provides to celebrate his birth. He is the reason we celebrate and I look forward to continuing to teach our boys about the true meaning.

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