Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old Friends and New Hang Outs.

No trip back to Boise is complete without a few get together with good friends. We are lucky enough to meet up with some of Mikes old roommates from college, and I mean old school roommates from back when Ricks College was still Ricks, before BYU I days.
 Funny thing now is that when we go back I'm the one to organize, not Mike, the outings with all of the wives and kids. I love these girls even if we only get to hang out twice a year, man oh man, I look forward to the days when we will eventually move back there. (Yes I said it, no there are no plans to leave the sandbox anytime soon.)
The Perry, Tueller and Dille kids (plus Mike) and the pool one afternoon.
 Emily and Henry, Aubrey and Riley, Me and Lexie.
 Lexie, a little wind picked up that awesome comb over. Plus you can check out both Mikes, mine and Mike Tueller.
Another outing with the gang at Big Als a new bowling alley, play center and sports bar. So fun. If you are in the Eagle area, plan a date night and head over there. We were totally impressed.
Marie and her new little man Brandon and Lexie and I during dinner.
I don't even have a picture of the guys to post. Sorry honey.
 Lexie taking a snooze during our late night disco bowling.
There is never enough time to play with these awesome bunch of friends.
Hugs, A

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