Monday, September 10, 2012

Back at it.

 We've been back in the sandbox for over two weeks. The first week we dealt with jet lag. The second week we dealt with new routines with Carter now in school, Owen not yet in preschool, Mike back at work and me back to teaching Boot Camp twice a week.
SO now I officially feel like we are Back at It. Working at establishing solid routines for the kids. I've always felt like little ones do best when they know what is coming and what to expect. A solid routine provides this and makes for a happy Dille family with rested and happy (most of the time) kiddos.
This week as we sat around the kitchen table for lunch, with Lexie in her new high chair having snacks I finally felt like a mom of three kiddos. Before it was two boys and the baby. Now it all feels real, three kids. With that feeling also came the reassurance that we, Mike and I, can do this. Raise three kids. I want nothing more than for my kids to know they are loved and special. Another reminder that I personally need to slow down and see my kids for who they are. Stop and be with them, not directing them or shuffling through our days. Perhaps this was my ah-ha moment for the week.
Another routine I love, Sabbath day photos. This past week was pretty successful. I think the photo above needs to be printed and framed- in our house and the granparents. Just for fun here's another one of Lexie. Seriously, can't get enough of this little lady.
*I've been a blogging mama the last few days. Scroll down and catch up with us.
Hugs, A

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