Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our time in Idaho.

 Any trip back to Idaho includes a lot of time with cousins. This trip was no different and boy was it fun.
Landon 5, Carter 5, Brooklyn 2.5, Owen 3 and Jarom 3.
The new round of Dille cousins. Zade and Lyla 7 mo., Lexie 6 mo. and the newest little guy from Mike's sister Shala, Cody 3 mo. Can't even imagine how much fun it will be to chase all four of these little ones around on Sunday nights after dinner. 
Carter and Landon. These two get along so well and LOVE playing together. Pretty much cousin BFF's.
 Sneaking chips. Owen, Jarom and Brooklyn.
 Three of the new cousins. Lexie with her twin cousins, Lyla and Zade. (Yes, both of our brothers had twins this year. It's been a baby boom on both sides of our families.)
 Playing football outside with the boys. Jarom, Landon, Owen, Luke, Carter and Aj.
 Uncle Paul came over one night to take grandchildren photos. Those will deserve their own posts. The Dille grand kids pretty much doubled this year.
The dads sitting on the side line during the photo shoot. Mike, Brian McDonald and Bryan Dille.
One afternoon while in Idaho we had a picnic with grandma and pappa in the backyard. Carter was talking about having a picnic for over a week with a real picnic basket. He was thrilled to help pack the basket. 
The last few photos from the night before we left.
With Uncle Paul and Aunt Brenda. We were lucky to spend a lot of time this trip with them. We even managed an afternoon at the water park together while grandma watched Lexie. Paul and Mike were able to manage a few mornings a week at Cross fit and Brenda was sweet enough to spend her time off work hanging out with the kids and I.  
 Mike's parents and our gang.
 Grandma Dille and Lexie.
Just a few other photos from our time at the Dilles. Here are the boys watching a show in their grandparents room. Each morning they would sneak upstairs and usually wake them up. They were awesome to get them breakfast and turn on a show in the morning and let Mike and I get another hour or so of sleep. 
 Mamma and Lexie practicing sitting.
 Just a cute one of Mike in the living room.
So the run down of our time in Idaho.
Evenings running around the backyard with kids.
Dinners sitting around the table with Mikes siblings and their spouses which is some of our favorite times.
An afternoon spent at Roaring Springs- already making plans for next year.
Mornings at the Rec. Center and at Cross fit.
Sonic Happy Hour runs.
BBQ and Mexican Dinners Eating Out.
A pool night with all of the cousins.
A shopping and dinner sister in law date night- which was one of my highlights!
A Farmers Market Visit.
Dentist visits to Dr. Uncle Bryan and everyone came out cavity free.
A lot of shopping and Target trips.

In that time we also snuck down to Utah for three days. We stopped in Logan, our old USU stomping ground to visit the LDS temple there. Lucky for us we knew a college student there who was willing to meet us at the hotel suite and watch the kids so we could make it to the temple. We also managed a dinner date afterwards at our favorite Mexican joint from college.
From there we headed south. Stopped by the New LDS Brigham City Temple. The kids were all asleep in the car so we pulled over, hopped out of the car and took a few snapshots. It's a beautiful temple and a great addition to the city.  
Another reason we headed to Utah was to visit our friend the Bournes before they moved to the Sandbox with us. They were gracious enough to let us put a few bikes and Christmas presents in their shipment.
This also gave the kids a bit of time to get to know each other, hoping it would ease the transition for their kiddos to such a different place. Perhaps it was even good for Johns parents to meet us and realize that even though they will be in the Middle East they will still have good US friends. ( Yes, I did just give my family a little pat on the back.) 
From Utah we headed back up North to spend our last three days in Idaho surrounded by family. Saying goodbye was even harder this time. We don't have plans to return until next summer and I guess knowing it would be such a long stretch 10-11 months made it even harder to leave.
Missing all of them already.
Hugs, A

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