Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of School.

Carters first day of Kindergarten.
 I drove him in the first morning and dropped him off. Yes, we are in the sandbox you can see a mommy in an abaya taking her son to school behind Carter. The Saudi kiddos are able to attend K4 and Kindergarten at the international on camp school. After that they go to a different school.
 You can see all of the kindergartners lining up behind him and the canopy in the far back is the playground. The sun was in his eyes here, but he still stopped to smile for me.
 To celebrate his big day we asked him where he wanted to go to dinner. Big surprise, J. Rockets we went. This time we took the Bournes with us to celebrate their big kiddos too.
Carter, Henry and Avery.
Things are going well. Carter rides the bus to school and the bus picks him up and drops him off right here at the house. He loves the bus. He comes home for lunch each day and we're able to reconnect, freshen up and off he goes again.
Here's to the next 13 years of school.
Hugs, A

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