Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Our Kitchen.

 We now have a baby sitting in a high chair snacking on cheerios and puffs, along with rice cereal and pears in our kitchen.
There's also a mamma learning how to make baby food for the first time. I'm learning a lot of new things from being in the sandbox. The baby food here is incredibly limited and what we do have is packed with sugar. So I'm brushing up my domestic skills. Boiling and heating veggies and fruits, pureeing them in the blender and filling ice cube trays with it to freeze in small portions for our little lady.
Another sight in our kitchen this week. A quick little moment captured of Lexie snuggling with her daddy.
 We've spent a lot of time in this part of the house lately.
Hugs, A

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Michelle S.J. said...

That time was very difficult for me. In UDH there was really very little if any baby food. I had church members go into town and buy it for me. Because my STINKER would not eat food that I made.