Wednesday, January 28, 2009

master climber.

Carter is officially a master climber in my book. Yesterday he did it... he scaled the crib and made his way out. yikes! Boy are we in trouble now!

I was nursing Owen at about the end of Carters nap time like usual. I heard Carter wake up and talking in his crib. I thought hey, not a big deal, I've got at least 15 minutes. Not even 5 minutes later, it gets quiet, and then here he comes, with two binkies in hand and one in his mouth, running into my room happy as a clam and totally beaming from his recent success of escaping the crib. Needless to say, Mike came home early last night, (and by early I mean 7:30, welcome to busy season) and did some fancy work with the crib and the mattress is now on the floor of the crib. We can't possibly make it any lower. We give it a week before he figures out how to get out again.
Here's the crib with the matress lowered... and Carter sound asleep.
I just realized how lax I've become about the binkie outside of the crib. Carter keeps sneaking them out and I haven't been that great at making him put them back. I might never get him away from them. So here's another picture of our little climber after naptime, with binkies in tow.

Owen has a serious case of acid reflux. He was sick over two weeks ago and started coughing. He still has the cough but not the cold. He has been very hard to get down each night and even harder to put down for naps lately. Really, it takes me over two hours sometimes to get him asleep at night and it is killing me. He coughs and chokes and is in general not feeling well, so I feel bad for the little man. I thought he was still sick and planned to take him in. Then yesterday it finally dawned on me, he has reflux like Carter had and that's why he's coughing and is miserable. Goodness I can't believe it took me so long to realize what it was. Carter would vomit and never cry, whereas Owen hardly ever spits up and cries and coughs. Same reflux just manifesting itself in different ways with each child. I took him and Carter into the pediatrician who agrees with me. After talking with the pediatrician we also found out Owen has mild eczema. One thing after another for Owen. So not only is he dealing with burning acid in his throat, he's also suffering from the driest skin ever. Aside from baths not as often and Ecurine lotion I'm not sure what else to do for his skin. Any ideas?

So Owen is now on two different medications to hopefully help with the reflux and we have a handout about the dry skin with a few ideas that in all honesty I'm already doing. In the meantime, since he coughs and chokes when laying flat, he's been taking a lot of naps in the swing. While at the pediatrician I had Carters ears checked again to see if his ear infections were gone, I had a feeling they weren't and we right on this one too. The ear infection went from the left ear to the right. So we are on our fourth round of antibiotics and are making an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) Doctor to see about getting tubes for his ears. We'll also have his hearing checked while there to see if perhaps this has something to do with Carter being a little behind on speech development.

With all of this, two sick babies, no wonder I've been having "one of those days" all week. Here's to getting healthy and happy sooner than later.


lynette said...

we had to get tubes for wesley. he was the exact same as carter--constantly on antibiotics and as soon as he got off he'd get another ear infection. but, once he got tubes he never got an ear infection again! hope all goes well at the ENT and that owen's reflux clears up!

Kathy said...

Tam has had 2 sets of tubes...they are a life saver...Brian had reflux also and over time that will get better too!! Love you all
Maybe one day I can come to Texas and visit my favorite cousin

stacibee said...

We suffer from eczema here in our family too. I took Isaac to a dermatologist and he suggested Vanicream. We've been really happy with this lotion, WAY better that Eucerine. You can get it at the pharmacy, you don't need a prescription, but they keep it back in the pharmacy rather than out on the shelves. Try it, I think you'll notice a difference.

Cody and Jessie said...

No wonder it has been a rough week... Two sick kids is not easy! Hopefully the ENT is helpful. I have a friend who's boy is almost three and barely talking and they got tubes in his ears and he speech has taken off.
I hope they both get better soon!

matt and brynn said...

I hope things get better.
All my kids have had bad eczema, so if you need ideas let me know.
Good Luck!!

Heather said...

Poor kids and poor mom! I hope the meds finally kick in and they feel better soon.

The Hollemans said...

Is it just dry skin or is it excema? It could be a sign of an allergy, you know me everything always comes back to an allergy.

Jeanette said...

When it rains it pours. Hopefully your little ones will be feeling healthy and happy soon and you'll be blogging about all the new milestones they are hitting.