Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas in Idaho. Part 3.

Before Church on Dec. 28, 2008, Owen's blessing day. While in Idaho for Christmas we blessed Owen in Mike's home ward, where his dad is the bishop. Mike blessed our baby boy with the kindest and sincerest priesthood blessing a mother could ask for. Owen Michael Dille is ours for all eternity and we feel so blessed to have been given his sweet spirit to raise. We pray that we will have the patience and love necessary to sustain his soul, that he'll grow to be a worthy man, that he'll be able to serve an LDS mission and be married in the temple to a wonderful women. We're excited to see what Owen has in store and who he becomes. I just know that behind his blue eyes he's scoping out the world and making plans...
I find it so hard after coming home to only pick a few photos to tell the story of our trip. There are so many memories that are made, so many stories that are told and only so many pictures taken to tell them. Here are a few more to document our stay.
Paul, Mike and Bryan. Taking a picture in front of the door where they always took their first day of school pics. I know they has a lot of fun being together and Mike loves his little brothers. Although, looks like Mike being the oldest is now the "littlest" in the bunch.
Nikki, Owen, Bryan an Carter after Owens blessing before they headed off to see her family.
Angie and Shala. Shala is having another boy and is due in March.
Mike, Carter and Great Grandma Ruby.
Carter making faces on the french doors. He also does this in the shower. Cracks me up every time.
Charlotte and Owen.
Carter and his favorite toy, the vacuum. I've already made plans to get Carter one here in Texas.
Carter wanting to be little like Owen and sitting the bouncy seat. We had to hide it from him after this. So he is experiencing a little digression since Owen came into the family. Notice the vacuum is still within arms reach.

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