Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in Idaho. Part 2.

We had a pretty simple Christmas with no big purchases. (This year we decided with the economy the way it is it would be better for us to save our money.) I did make Charlotte another family calendar and all of the kids went in on a gift together for Mike's parents. Carter got a few new toys and a rocking chair. Shala got me a sling to carry Owen which I love, and Brian got Mike a Boise state shirt which he loves. :) Thanks again guys! We woke up in the morning had cinnamon rolls (Anderson tradition), opened presents and then had omelets (Dille tradition).
For Christmas this year my mom helped me make matching pj's for our family. I bought the pj bottoms at Old Navy for Mike and I, then bought a pair in XXL and made two baby pj bottoms for my boys. Owen was asleep and bundled up while we opened presents so we didn't get a picture of all of us. Maybe next year when he's bigger he'll stay awake for the festivities.

Mike and Carter eating Animal crackers from Grandma.

Opening our stockings.
Paul and Brenda.Bryan and Nikki.
Val and Charlotte opening the calendar.
One of the only pictures I have of Owen in his pjs sitting with Paul and Brenda.The family dog. Carter immediately pointed it out when we arrived and was fascinated with it the rest of the trip. He would carry it around and sit on it almost daily. Here he is with his Christmas pjs petting the dog.

Tomorrow Part 3 ...


Dille Fam said...

Your boys are so adorable! I love your Christmas card. Great idea to include Owen's announcement with it. I can't believe all his hair. Looks like you had a great Christmas, too bad we didn't get to see ya.

Cody and Jessie said...

Christmas is so fun :) And your boys are still just so stinkin darling. Owen still has a ton of hair! I am super impressed by the PJ's you made for your boys! That's a fun idea.