Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's amazing to think how much can change in just one week and how much growth can take place. Carter is unstopable these days. I look at the picture above and it's hard to believe this is my little baby, he looks like a little man.
This past week he's been "exploring" everything. You put him down and immediatly he is crawling in the opposite direction. In fact, last night he crawled under the exercauser and sat and played, then became mad because he kept bumping his head when trying to get out. What really entices him right now - tags on anything, he can also spot cords to anything (this is very dangerous and has been a big motivation for baby proofing), he also loves to go after a framed picture of Mike and I on the bookcase in the living room and he loves to chase after the dogs. He is crawling, and going from crawling to sitting on his own, and has begun to pull up on things. The pulling up on things has been pretty trying for him. Now when he is mad and doesn't want to go to bed at night he cries and tries to pull up on the crib, as if to say "let me out", then his hand slips and he bumps his head on the crib. Poor kiddo, it has to be frustrating to be little sometimes.
It's a big joy for me to watch him explore and discover the world, well our living room. :) I do cherish each day with Carter and the opportunity I have to see him change daily. Thank you for working so hard Mike so that I can stay home with Carter.


lynette said...

I agree! Sometimes I look at my kids and think, "Whoa! When do you grow up?"

Jeanette said...

May you not have as many ER visits as we have as he begins to explore his world! It is happy and sad at the same time to see them develope their independence.

The Youngblood Family said...

He is super cute!