Sunday, January 13, 2008


Here are a few highlights from the week.

Monday, Tuesday - Carter and I are turning into gym go-ers. He loves playing in the kids club with Will and Tayson, and I love that I can finally get into pre-baby jeans. Goodbye baby weight! Hurray!

Wednesday - Our little man has figured out that if he pulls the crib bumper down he can see his bedroom door and see where we are. There goes our ability of sneaking in and out of his room.
Thursday - I hosted Bunco this month and I am happy to say we survived and I think dinner was a success. Marie was a lifesaver and made last minute dessert for me and came and held Carter for me while I finished dinner. My theme was "recipes for a delicious 2008" and one of the prizes included the new cookbook by Jessica Sienfield, Deceptively Delicious, where she hides veggies in normal kid happy foods. I got a book for me too. I can't wait to try it out. :)

Friday - We spent the day at home, recooping from our busy Thursday, spending lots of time rolling around on the carpet trying to get Carter to crawl. He's almost there, he's up on his knees still but now he moves his knees and arms, makes about two "crawls" and then is back on his tummy and drags himself. Here's a video from tonight Mom. :)
I was also able to watch the last Greys Anatomy and loved it. Now I'm even more ticked that the writers strike still hasn't resolved. It's busy season, I need to have something to entertain me at night when Carter goes to bed and Mike is working super late. I don't know how much longer I can take just reality shows.
Saturday - We finally got to spend some time with Mike, who had been working crazy hours this past week. He took us out to dinner and Carter was a great sport. He hung out in the high chair and ate cheerios.
Sunday - Carter makes it through all of church without spitting up. This is monumental!


lynette said...

Wow, he's gonna be crawling in no time! I heard your Bunco was awesome! Will you email me your recipe for the Southwestern Ranch dressing... sounds delish!

Jeanette said...

The "ette's" commented on the BUNCO success. Sounded like a fun night out.