Sunday, January 6, 2008


We purchased our first can of mousse for Carter this weekend. This is the result of a can of mousse, Mike and 5 minutes in the bathroom. This same hairdo was repeated this afternoon for church. No one said anything about his Mohawk so that makes me think no one else thought it was as cute as we did. He's a hip baby and we had to do something to tame his baby hair. Here are a few more pictures.

We had a great weekend. It's the beginning of busy season for Mike so it was nice to spend time as a family before Mike disappears. We went out to lunch on Saturday to Chipotle's (our favorite place, the best guacamole ever! I highly recommend the burrito in a bowl with the tortilla on the side with steak.) This morning we hung out in our pj's playing with Carter before 3 p.m. church. Late church is no fun. When we left the building it was dark - yuck - and then is was a mad dash to get home, eat dinner and get Carter to bed. Some other exciting news, Carter turned seven months this past week and now has TWO teeth. This tooth was a little easier and I knew what to expect from the last one. So we loaded up on baby tylenol and gave Carter extra hugs and snuggles and he survived - until the next tooth.


Jeanette said...

I love his hair! He looks like such a little man. I am not looking forward to the 3 p.m. block. It will be hard with little ones. Luckily we still have a year until then.

lynette said...

I would have commented cuz he's so handsome!
And, we have 3pm church too, but it's only 2 hours 15 minutes--so much better! How can we get that started back in the States?