Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Bus.

 The buses here are not what you are used to back in the States. There are no cheese wagons picking up kiddos. Instead they roll in style. In one of these Mercedes Charter buses. Yeah, serious upgrade from the bus I remember as a kid. Like clock work it arrives every morning at 7:18 a.m. drops him off for lunch and takes him back and forth once again. You can hear it coming down the street and it stops right outside the house. We are so very fortunate in that regard.
Carter waving goodbye.
 We wait outside for him when we can and since the weather is becoming increasingly cooler (like only in the 90's now- sometimes 80s) it's actually pretty nice sitting on the porch.  I'm also pretty sure Carter likes it when we sit there and wave goodbye so he can show off his baby to the other kids on the bus. 
 Check out the scary pumpkin the background. We're ready for Halloween over here.
 Lexie is a little steam roller. She rolls where she wants to go, it's actually pretty cute and funny to watch. I'm back teaching and on this night I left my bag out. She rolled right over and found the jump ropes. That's one happy little tangled baby.
Earlier this week I dropped Owen off at preschool a little late. I was able to catch a quick photo of him playing outside with the bubbles. He's in the middle wearing navy blue. He sure loves school!
Hugs, A

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