Tuesday, October 2, 2012

three weeks, really?

I've been writing blog posts in my head for weeks. Planning to sit down at the computer and upload photos and write and write and write. After all, we have three kids and live in the sandbox. There must be a surplus of things to tell and to show. Well you can see how successful I've been with that. Yeah, not so much.
Here is the honest moment. Just you, me and the rest of the Internet. I feel like a mother sprinting as fast as I can, honestly, but instead of getting ahead.. I seriously should be miles down the road... I am in the same spot. Not ahead, and working my tail off not to get too far behind. At times I feel a bit defeated. At times I feel like superwoman. Most of the time I feel like a mama with not enough sleep, not enough hands and not enough hours in the day to do it all. Whew, now that I got that off my chest... on with the updates.
Owen finally started preschool this year! Whoopee! He is one happy little guy and he has his favorite person on camp as his teacher, Mrs. Yvette.
Owen is also in love with ALL sports since our little friend Henry arrived. Both boys have started playing Tee Ball and Soccer this week. Owen was beyond thrilled tonight to put on his new soccer cleats!His outfit of choice these days is also soccer shorts and jerseys. I believe he will be our athlete!
 Lexie is still a rolling machine. From one side of the room to the other. She sits, but still flops over after some time. She loves cheerios, applesauce, pears, cereal, squash and carrots. She is officially out of our room and in her own space and sleeping like a champ in there. It was a very bitter sweet feeling packing and putting away the port a crib that has been nestled by my bedside for seven months. But it was time for all three of us, Mike, mama and baby. It is nice to have an adult, relaxing space again. Here is our cutie.
Carter's had a bit of a rough week. First three stitches in the back of his head after falling off the bottom bunk into the ladder and cutting his head open. Then two days later he takes a pretty good spill during recess into the cement and wall. He's got a big old goose egg on his forehead and roughed up shoulder. So he's home again icing his head and watching cartoons.
Here he is all wrapped up after our visit to the ER for his head. The tech told him he needed to wrap his head so everyone would know that he is a victim and take extra special care of him when he left. He also told him "Chicks dig scars!" Awesome.
 Another cute one, just because. We're all so happy when Carter gets home from school each day!
Whew. That's all the time I can muster today. Off to feed the baby, change the sheets, finish the laundry, pick up the dining room table that has become a landing zone for EVERYTHING this past week, and order dinner in, yes I am calling for take out, because it has been one of those kind of weeks.
Hugs, A

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