Saturday, October 13, 2012

fall ramblings.

I'm currently sipping warm apple cider and eating Mike's awesome caramel corn. It tastes like fall in our little home in the sandbox tonight.
The kids are snuggled down fast asleep, Mike is away for a church meeting and I'm catching up on the blog and going through my class plans for tomorrow. Yes, I said 'plans' plural. Tomorrow I start teaching two classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon while I am covering for a friend out on maternity leave.
The only other hiccup I will have tomorrow is nursing my broken little toe, that I managed to whop right before Owens birthday party on Wednesday and has since been swollen and every shade of nasty bruise possible. Moments like those, I realize Carter is totally my child and he manages to get his gracefulness from me.
Here are a few more photos from yesterday after church of my oh so loved family. We watched a session of General Conference for church and Owen only managed to play one musical instrument in the middle to cause a quick little disruption. Lexie managed much more than that as she fought taking a nap and then managed to reach over my shoulder and turn on all of the lights too. At least Carter didn't cause a scene, so we had one success during the longest two hours of our Sabbath day.
Carter, 5 yrs and Owen, 4yrs.
Other news. We celebrated our Saudi-Versary on Oct. 4. We have survived and thrived for the past two years here in the Sandbox. Still feels like yesterday we were packing up our house in Houston and saying goodbye to our dear friends. Now, two years later, our boys are bigger we have a baby girl and we've finally planned our first travel trip. In two weeks we are bound for a week in Sri Lanka. After two years we are going to see a little more of the world over here. Perhaps it only took us two years to get up the courage to take our kids with us. It's going to be awesome.
I hope you are enjoying the changing seasons. I longingly watch the FB status updates about pumpkin patches, I watch the instagram photos of changing fall leaves and I miss the seasons. I miss the crisp fall air and all that comes with it. So keep them coming so I can sit here -in still hot sandbox - inside my AC home sipping apple cider and living vicariously through you.
Hugs, A


Marie said...

A broken toe does not sound good right before you start teaching more! Good luck! We are enjoying a beautiful fall in Boise. You need to come visit this time of year sometime. But for now I guess you will have to settle for Sri Lanka.

Lindsay said...

We enjoyed a day at the park today...tomorrow it is back to the 90's:( I was looking at the pictures on your blog and a picture of Owen came up and Kate had no clue who it was...guess its time to get together!