Friday, October 12, 2012

He's FOUR!

Owen is FouR!
 Happy Birthday you Handsome little man!
 We had cake.
He blew out candles.
He opened presents. (Look at Lexie in the background I think she likes the water guns too.)
 He dressed up in his new Pirate gear from grandma.
 And at 11 p.m. he's still running strong when he should be fast asleep. You have always been our little night owl. 
Owen you are a funny kid. The things you say make us all laugh.
You love sports and lately all you want to wear are sports jerseys and gym shorts. Right now you have size 10 feet and wear size 4 sometimes 5.
You love to eat chili, tacos, chips guacamole and salsa, salad, sweets of course and drink iced lemonade and milk.
You love everything pirate! You love playing with your friends (especially the ladies), going to preschool, jumping on the trampoline, watching movies, playing iron man with your big brother, making your sister laugh and snuggling in the morning.
So glad you are ours. We're a lucky family!
Hugs, A

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