Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre Spooking.

 We are off to Sri Lanka for a week of relaxing and exploring. We will be gone over Halloween, so we decided that a little 'pre spooking' was in order for the kiddos. So last night we dressed up and joined the Community Boo Bash on the baseball fields. We dressed up.
Carter as Iron Man, Lexie as a little witch (it was too hot for her long sleeve shirt and this was the end of the night), and Owen as Captain America.
 I don't think the boys really understand how awesome their dad is. This is another reason why. Captain Mike Sparrow for the night.
 Lexie and Mommy after the festivities.
 Our family along with the Bournes, and Nelsons ran one of the carnival games. Mike and I put together the bowling pins for Pumpkin Bowling. Roll the pumpkin to knock down the ghosts. It was pretty cute.
The day before was Owens Halloween party at preschool. Here's another one of Captain Owen showing off his muscles. 
Carter had a chance to wear his costume to school too on Wednesday morning and there was a parade too. Unfortunately we missed it, due to a mild concussion for poor little Owen, who spent the morning with dad in the ER getting a CT scan. His noggin is ok, and he's back to his old self which is a big relief.
We're outta here for a new adventure. Updates and photos when we get back.
Happy Halloween and Eid Mubarak.
(The holiday in the Middle East right now- and the reason we get a weeks vacation.)
Wish us luck!
Hugs, A

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