Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sibling love.

I was on the computer one afternoon and turned to find this. Carter laying down to talk to Lexie. She loves it when the boys talk to her and gives them the best smiles. I can already tell she will have them wrapped around her finger.

Owen loves to hold Lexie. She wasn't too happy this time, I think she was hungry. But even with her crying he wanted to hold her and comfort her.

Owen usually gets the lucky seat next to her in the car and will hold her hand and tell her it's ok, over and over again if she cries. He's so gentle and caring with her. Always concerned where she is and is constantly walking into the room just to give her a smooch and then walks out of the room and goes back to whatever he was doing before. This kiddo was meant to be a big brother for his little sister.
 The boys. Over spring break Owen would pass out of the couch for his naps and Carter would either snuggle him or bother him and try to wake him up. They are truly partners in crime these days now that they are sharing a room. When it goes from loud to almost silent you know they are up to something, which lately seems to almost always have something to do with bugs or snacks. Silly boys.
 Three kids, my oh my! We've got a full house.
(well maybe not compared to other people, but three under four is a full house for us.)Hugs, A

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Marie said...

Looks like you had a good visit from your mom! That's the best. So cute to see your boys loving on their little sister. Sibling love is the sweetest. Miss you guys!