Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dining Out.

It's always a treat to get off camp and go to dinner. Not necessarily a treat to drive there ( I believe I may have forgotten how awful the driving here is when I was gone and pretty sure my knuckles turn white as I clutch whatever I can while we are driving.)
We took my mom back to the Arabic restaurant and were able to score the large room again so the boys could run circles while we waited for our food. This is the place you sit on the floor with pillows and you have a private room with a closed door- totally little kiddo friendly.

 These are their tough faces, although not much difference for Owen who would rather give a silly face than a smile for pictures right now.
 A trip to downtown Khobar to take my mom to our favorite bakery.
 The boys ordering our cheesebread from the family section of the bakery. Carter and Owen push the chairs over to the counter so they can talk to the baker. He usually gives them free juice and jokes with them about taking their baby sister home.
 Mom, Lexie and Owen ( a rare smile). The family section is just a box of a room, no windows and a few booth/ picnic tables.
We also stopped for dinner at Johnny Carinos in Bahrain before we took my mom to the airport. Which explains why my mom and I were able to wear normal clothes and weren't in our awesome 'black dresses.' This was our first time eating there over here and it was so yummy, just like back in the States.
Poor Mike ends up holding Lexie for most meals and has mastered the one handed meal eating.
 Owen scaling the chairs, but I did get a pretty good smile while he was in the act.
I'll tell you what, it's refreshing to have dinner in my own clothes and to have music in the background. A few little things we don't get to enjoy in the sandbox.
Hugs, A

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