Friday, February 3, 2012


I went back into the OB this past Tuesday for my weekly check up. My last doc just left on sabbatical with her husband and will be gone for a few months. So this was my first appointment with my new OB.

I think if this was my first baby, changing docs right now would be awful. But given this is not our first rodeo, but the arrival of our third little one, I'm more at ease and comfortable with the transition. Perhaps, it's because in general I feel relieved to be back in the States and not still in the Sandbox.

Also, I know, really, it's the nurses that do most of the work on delivery day, so I'm praying for fantastic nurses. I digress, back to the new Doc. I really like her and already feel comfortable with her. Now the trick is to go into labor when she is on call or during business hours when she can run across the street to the hospital.

So back to the appointment on Tuesday. If we are friends on face book, this is old news for you. I am still progressing, in fact, pretty sure I shocked the new OB. I am now dilated to a 4, from Friday to Tuesday I moved up another cm. But a bit of relief is that I am still just 50% effaced. She said it was very rare to be this dilated this far and effaced at the end of 36 weeks.  My body is getting ready and this baby girl is getting ready too. Which would be fantastic if daddy weren't half way across the world.

So the OB and I talked again.
Me, "Mike will be here next Wed. Feb. 8th."
OB, long pause... "Yeah, he should come sooner, within the next week really."
Me, "So no gym or pretty much anything else right to hold out until he gets here."
OB, "yes."

So I left the appointment and called Mike. Earlier that day we talked about what conditions would make us change his flight. Being dilated to a 4, was one of them. So I called and then he got up in the middle of the night and called the airlines to move his flight up a few days.

He will be here on Sunday, three days early. That has left me four days to not go into labor. My mom is now here and is running herd on the boys. Taking care of baths and such, so that I don't have to lift or bend over.

I'm trying to take it easy, spend time off my feet in hopes that gravity will be my friend in keeping our little lady put. I am still having contractions, random still, but I'm sure my body is still progressing.

Only 36 more hours and she can come. When Mike gets off the plane it's game on.

So that is the update.
The boys are excited, mostly that Mike will be back and then about having the baby. I'm excited he will be here too. Honestly, I'm nervous about labor and delivery and nervous about having our baby here.

Hugs, A


Jennifer said...

It is so nerve racking playing the waiting game.... for your hubby and the baby! Can't wait to see pictures and thinking about you this weekend. Jen

ChadandCory said...

Hey sis-- man you had me worried. Stay flat and positive, and Cory and I will be thinking about you..

Love you