Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Last weeks of Pregnancy.

Pregnancy picture time line of the last few weeks.
37 weeks.
38 weeks.
38.5 weeks pregnant.
Last Sunday with a baby in my tummy.
 One day shy of 39 weeks.
This is the morning of the 15th right before we left for the hospital to be induced. Funny how I could literally be in labor for six weeks and still have to be induced at the end. The plan was to go in early and have the OB break my water and hope labor progressed from there.
The second time it snowed while we were here. The other day it snowed was when my sister in law Nikki had her babies. Must be a Dille baby delivery day treat, fresh white snow.
 Last pregnancy picture. Walking into the hospital in Boise. Third time is a charm. This was my third time checking into labor and delivery. Although this time we knew we would not leave until our little girl arrived.
 A few notes about this pregnancy that I don't want to forget.
The last month has been Cream of Wheat. Twice a day with an embarrassingly amount of butter and sugar. I'd pick a bowl of this over anything!

Coke icee cravings are back and also loved fresh tacos. My favorite places have been Chipolte and Cafe Rio. So glad my last six weeks were in the States where I could easily get Mexican food.
Our little girl is most active between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.
She's constantly stretched out and mostly lays on my right side.
Once past the first trimester (well more like 18-20 weeks) the nausea subsided and for the most part I felt pretty great the second trimester.
I was able to continue to teach Boot Camp classes until 31 weeks and then continued to work out until 36 weeks here. Once I was dilated to a 4, I stopped working out until Mike got here. Then at 38 weeks I went back to the gym, hit it hard hoping to induce labor but no such luck.

The last week I literally did EVERYTHING I could to try to bring labor on. Worked out hard. Lots of squats with weights at the gym. Zumba classes, lots of walking, running stairs, jumping on the trampoline, had a great friend rub my legs and show us pressure points to help bring on contractions, got a pedicure hoping that would help, and the morning of the 13th (I really wanted to have her on my moms birthday- I was a bit heartbroken she didn't come that day) I got on the treadmill and ran sprints. Lots of them. No luck. That afternoon the OB stripped my membranes and even that didn't help.

I believe Lexie was determined to keep me on my toes and wanted her own birthday.
 So we scheduled an induction date. Feb. 15th. I would have liked to have been induced the week before, but apparently the hospital has a new policy not allowing inductions before 39 weeks except in certain cases. So even with that, my OB had to have the high risk head OB sign off on our one day early induction.
Hugs, A


Em and Tom said...

She is so sweet! And you are darling, I love all the crazy things you did to get little Lexie here.

The Youngblood Family said...

Oh my goodness you look great pregnant!!! I was just a whale the entire time. lol