Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Visitors.

Some of our first visitors.
The boys were so excited to come meet their baby sister.
Owen walked in and came right over to see Lexie. Then put his arms out and asked to hold her. We told him he'd need to take off his jacket. He stripped the coat off the fastest I've ever seen him move and ran over the chair and stretched his arms out waiting for her.
Carter and Lexie.
Our three kiddos. Still a bit in awe that we are now parents of three.
 My mom was there for the birth and then went home to bring the boys back.
 My mom with her first grand daughter just moments after Lexie was born.
 The boys lasted about 15 minutes and then they began to climb everything in our room. At that point we said goodnight, it was a short and great visit.
 Mike's parents even managed to sneak away from work to come meet Lexie and bring us dinner.
Aunt Nikki was able to sneak away from her twins and come say hello and bring dessert. Also, our good friends Marie and Emily stopped by to meet Lexie and brought a bouquet of pink balloons. What a wonderful first night filled with people we love.
Hugs, A

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