Monday, June 10, 2013


Carter turned 6 on June 4.
Happy Birthday!
It was a day for celebrating. I went into his classroom and brought cupcakes and juice for everyone.
His friend Lawson came home from school with him and then we picked up his other pal, Jordan and we took the kids to a new indoor play center called Bees. It was awesome, they literally ran in the door and scattered in every which way and direction and played hard and non stop for over 2 hours.
Followed by dinner at Chili's with his friends, then chocolate cake at home and we wrapped the night up opening presents. He said it was a great birthday and he got everything he wanted. Lucky Boy!
Here are the pictures from the day.

 Most classic face ever. He was so excited about the race car.
 Boys opening presents and Lexie helping to clean up. She's almost better about that than the boys are these days.
The next day playing with his new remote control helicopter with dad.  
 Cupcakes in the classroom.
 Chocolate Cake and Candles at home.
A few from the playcenter. It is brand new and huge! I figured if we were ever to go now would be the time as I am sure this is the cleanest it will EVER be. Not many photos of the kids, most came out blurry they were all too busy to stop for even a moment for a photo. It was a success!
Happy Birthday Carter!

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