Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Little Night Owl.

 So what do you do with a 16 month old little lady who insists on screaming for over an hour in protest for bedtime?
...It's been a week of this, we keep telling ourselves its only molars and will pass- praying it will pass before our flights home in a month...
Eventually you totally cave and let the little night owl come out and watch a late night TV show with mom and dad.
Funny thing is, this totally uncontrollable screamer in the crib emerged happy and giggling and all sorts of lovie the moment she was invited to sit on the couch. She seriously gets away with a lot more than the boys did. Even in the naughtiest of moments she melts our hearts and you have to fight back the smile and laughter when telling her no. What time did she finally pass out that night you might ask... ONE Stinking A.M.
 The crew. Wherever they go, she immediately follows and in most cases takes over, knocks over, steps on and wiggles her way through. They are mostly good sports about it. Mostly, being the key word. The other dozen times, they either pick her up and drop her outside the door and quickly shut it, where she then stands and screams- demanding to be let back in, OR they call for me to come get her.
This was a more cooperative play time with all three.
Quick Updates, while I am online and blogging.
We leave in just a month to spend the summer in the States and to deliver our new baby at the end of August. People are getting antsy, counting down days until they leave the sandbox.
I however find myself dreading it. I know, crazy right? I'm excited to see family and friends, but not ready for this next chapter to begin and this current chapter to close. I am relishing the moments of being a family of five, enjoying every little thing Lexie does these days, enjoying the boys and all the things we can now do that Lexie is a bit more independent. Enjoying our mornings or afternoons at the pool and other mini adventures.
I'm just not ready to let this all go, because the moment we leave things will never be the same in our little house. We will come home with a new little person and start all over. That will also be exciting and awesome, but for right now I just want to soak it all in. This stage, this moment and not live for tomorrow or the next day, but to live in THIS day, choose to be present right now.
In the meantime, my leg is only getting worse. The daily shots are getting old and the thigh high compression sock is getting hot. My workouts are getting a bit lamer- but not my classes I still push them hard. I keep telling myself only three more months and then I can work out and be an active and fit person again. This stage in my life my body has more important things to do than continue to be tone and feel good. I need to make a baby and sacrifice. I look at my purple, veiny, throbbing and bulging leg and tell myself this too shall pass. I also tell myself- after this baby comes it will all go back to normal, right? More time with my foot up and less pushing with everything else.
There are still things to be done and I'm finding it a challenge to get them all done. Again, good thing we have another month in the sandbox. I may be the only person thinking this, but I am, even with todays high being 114 degrees, another 4 weeks is just what we need.
Hugs, A

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