Saturday, June 15, 2013


 She is a girly girl.
She already loves shoes and keeps track of every ones shoes. She will put them away for you, find them for you, bring them to you and pick them out for any occasion.
She sure is fun.
These little lady bug jewel of slippers were handed down from a friend of mine. Lexie discovered them yesterday and hasn't parted with them since. She is in them constantly, and the best part, they have little bells so we know where she is at, at all times.
 She was a happy girl to pose with her slippers. Check out the little bee next to her, it sings twinkle, twinkle, little star and she loves it. She presses its tummy and sings, 'ba,ba,ba..." Seriously, her cuteness makes any day better.
Today we finally managed to see the vascular surgeon here about my leg. I've seen the OB, been to the ER twice and a regular to the hematologist who now referred me to the vascular guy. Not really great news, just going to get worse. Nothing I can do about it, but pretty much the main veins valves are no longer working. Hence the circulation issues, pain and general awfulness of my right leg. The verdict, most likely surgery after the baby is born when we come back to the sandbox. I'm discouraged.
It's been a rough little day for me. But then I come home and Lexie is walking along with that smile and those bell ringing slippers and a bit of perspective hits. This too shall pass, the sacrifices of a mother are just that, and are worth it to bring another little spirit into this world and into our family.
She makes me smile, she makes me forget about all of the issues and just love being a mom. Tonight she was overtired and Mike was at a meeting. It was not an easy bedtime. So I picked her up and just snuggled my baby. I think we both needed a piece of comfort.
Hugs, A

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