Monday, June 10, 2013


Oh the irony, as I get bigger with this pregnancy and continue to slow down, Lexie keeps getting quicker with a bit more sass.
In just two hours this morning she had managed to empty a drawer in the bathroom, filling a half full aquaphor jar with cotton balls and emptying every band aid box in the trash, floor or dipped in aquaphor. Then she moved onto the front of the house where she dismantled all of the wallflowers and as I was making lunches I spotted her three steps up the ladder to the bunk bed with Owen. Who, as you could most likely guess, was coaxing our 16 month old up each step. There was more, these are just a few highlights of our newly mischievous little toddler.
But with the bad also comes some good. Lexie is finally signing. Still not really talking, but at least now she will sign, 'all done', 'eat' and 'drink.' Really helps in translating the ear piercing squeal she mostly uses to get everyone's attention, or the point and 'this.'
She is snugly and loves to sit on the couch with you. She loves to shut doors, push in chairs, pick up shoes and put them away, close the dishwasher, help with laundry AND turn on the washer or dryer.
She's fun. Bet your excited to finally see her, huh?
Three weeks until the Dilles hit the States!

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