Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break comes to an End.

This week we are back to business.
Our crew after church. We successfully survived two hours of conference watching at church. Not only that but this picture was taken afterwards and everyone is still pretty happy. Double success.
She's the only one who stuck around after the first minute.
First spaghetti meal was a success.
 Lexie Double Fisting it Up. Sippy cup and snack cup. Don't forget her hot pink lovie in the other hand. Don't mess with her blanket - she's attached, but if she really loves you she might share. She's set and ready to go pretty much anywhere.
Almost 14 months big. This photo shows so much of her awesome personality.
 And that my friends is how to do a real full blown squat. That's my girl. She's now a full blown, walking, squatting and running machine these days.
After two weeks of Spring Break freedom, school is back in. I'm a bit sad, as crazy as it was, I have loved having all of the kids home, no schedules and mornings to just play. We spent almost the entire break at the pool every morning followed by lunch at the snack bar. Lexie will be a little swimmer too. She has no fear and even after tumbling into the baby pool, fully submerged she'd pop right back up and keep going. She really loved being in the big pool with the boys and loved everything Carter would do. Can I just say, Carter is becoming a great swimmer. Owen, when he wants to be, and puts in the effort does pretty well too. I think swim team may be in our near future.
It was a great break and a wonderful way to recharge before the last three months until summer break. Is is too soon to begin the countdown?
Hugs, A

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