Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The little things.

 In general I feel like we are doing great. It's just an array of little things that seem to keep knocking our little family over.
We've had our fair share of sickness the past three weeks. First Mike with strep throat. Carter then contracted a freakish lymph node infection. An entire side of his neck was super swollen, he couldn't move it or look around, and then had trouble talking and moving a side of his face. Scary stuff I tell you, at one point the ER doc. said he had mumps, only later to find out the doc had no idea what he was talking about. Carter had never been so sick. But a week later, he is back to his old self mostly, still a little swollen and looking off to the side, but we feel confident he is recovered. He is also finally back to school, which he has been so excited to get back to his friends and teacher.
Then I have been having a crazy weird circulation issue with my right leg this pregnancy that has taken us to the ER and back to the OB and to the hematologist. All in which, six weeks later, I finally feel like I have a doctor who has a better idea of what is going on and is taking an active role in what to do. I have started the daily blood thinner injection and will continue this until six weeks after our baby girl is born. I have not had circulation or vein issues like this in any of my other pregnancies. To say the least, this pregnancy has thrown me for a loop in so many ways.
Most importantly, our growing baby is doing great and we are still set to come home to the States for delivery. We have decided to head back a few weeks earlier though, better safe and cautious we are learning. I have too many other little ones to take care of to take any chances. So I will bravely stick myself every evening, try to keep my foot up as much as possible, rock my awesome compression stockings and be grateful for the blessing of another pregnancy and another little spirit destined to join our family.
This past weekend we went to Bahrain for District Conference.Above is a photo of the crew watching a little Disney channel before packing up to come home. 

We splurged and stayed in an apartment. We had great visions for a perfect, relaxing long weekend. Ha, what were we thinking? Although we were able to have a great pork filled dinner Thursday night. But then, there was Carter who was incredibly sick this weekend, and we had a series of unfortunate events. Our middle of the night, 3:30 a.m. fire drill carrying everyone 11 floors down was the tip of the ice burg. I think in a few weeks we will laugh about, but right now, not so much. 
 In the meantime, we have been blessed with many helpful hands with our family. The little acts of service we have been given have been heaven sent. We are grateful, so very grateful for it all. Also very grateful we are here in the sandbox and that Mikes job has allowed for him to be here and help with docter appointments and taking care of us all.
*Another thing on the Dille plate this past month was some good old fashion kitchen remodeling. Most people here has hired that out, but my awesome husband pretty much did it all. We love it and now that our countertops are finally done and installed we can check another thing of our 'nesting' list.
Hugs, A

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Marie said...

YIKES! Your circulation issue doesn't sound fun. Keep me posted. When are you coming to Idaho?