Saturday, April 6, 2013

Egg Hunt.

We celebrated Easter at church on Friday (our sabbath). Then on Sunday  ( a normal work day for Mike) the Easter Bunny came that morning and later we met at the park for a family pot luck and easter egg hunt. We had a lot of fun celebrating Easter with several of our good family friends.
 We did not capture a family Easter photo this year. Yes, the boys had suits and ties and Lexie a great Easter dress, but let's have an honest moment. Our sabbath day that week was anything but quiet and stressfree. We were late to church and by the time we arrived home every child was 'done' in their own way. I'm pretty sure the boys stripped out of their sabbath clothes on the way down the hallway and Lexie was already asleep. So no fancy photo. My other thought was a cute photo with the kids and their baskets, ha, I should have known better.
 Although I would love to be this photo perfect family. To be a mom with a fancy camera catching every moment. I am learning that sometimes I have to be present in that moment, not just behind the camera lense. This also corresponds with the fact that we have three very active little ones and another on the way. We have to be present. So although we didn't seem to capture that Easter photo that I would have liked, the reality is, that is okay too.
Lexie was too busy chomping on candy in wrappers to pose for a group photo. But she is cute enough that we let that slide.

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