Tuesday, April 30, 2013

14 months.

Lexie went in for her 1 year well check, just two months late. So here are her, 12 (really 14 month stats).  Weight, 21.5 lbs 50%, Height 77 cm , or 30 inches long 50 %.
She's a petite little thing compared to the boys. In fact she still fits in her infant car seat and the boys had outgrown that seat at about 10 months. Right now she is working on two top molars like a champ.  

She is an absolute joy these days. Her favorite things, climbing and sitting on the couch with us and sitting in her little rocking chair. She points and says 'this', 'all done,' 'da-da' and 'carter,' and I'm still waiting to hear mama, maybe for Mothers Day.
Hugs, A