Saturday, February 5, 2011

Writing it down.

These are the things I want to write down and remember. The little things I hear and see from my boys each day. The little things that I know I will forget unless I write them down. The little things that make having little boys so much fun. Not a day goes by that one of them doesn't say or do something that makes me smile, laugh and sometimes cry.


The other day we were working in the yard during the afternoon. The call to prayer begins to sound. You can hear it pretty much everywhere. Out in the distance it is played over an intercom from the mosque or if you are shopping over the intercom at the store.

Carter runs over to us and says, "Dad, I HEAR Tarzan!" Now standing at the stop of the slide, "Hey... Tarzan..." then he proceeds to make tarzan noises.

On the walk to church our friends asked Carter is he was as big as daddy yet.
He replied, "When I grow up I'm gonna be a big, BIG giant."
Then as we climbed the stairs into the building he changed his mind, "I'm gonna be a big, big Dragon giant!"

During class, his teacher asked him about his "baby brother" Owen. Carter quickly set her straight, just like any three year old would,
"He's not a baby, my brother poops on the potty, he's a big boy too!"

We had a busy Thursday, shopping for plants and then spending the afternoon working in the yard. It was a long day and this kid didn't stop for anything. He went to bed late, woke up early and then when he was in Primary he promptly fell asleep in the lap of his teacher. Out cold! For the last half of the hour. I couldn't believe it.


We had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner the other night. Owen loves anything with cheese. He doesn't however like the crust of most anything. So instead of eating this he picked up his little L shaped crust, clutched it in his hand like a gun and began "shooting" it around the room, complete with little shooting sounds.

Before naptime every afternoon I change Owens diaper and he tells me, "Mommy, no naptime," over and over again. Hasn't worked yet, he still goes down for a nap.

Last night (well pretty often lately) after I put Owen to bed, almost half an hour later, I hear, " Mommy... Mommy dink."
Pause, a little louder, "Dink, mommy, DINK."
All in the cutest little voice.
I walk in, "would you like a drink? Are you thirsty."
His reply, "Yup." I come back with a drink, he waits in the dark, reaches out and says please then thank you.

*I can't find my camera. Sadness. Still looking. Hopefully it will appear and then pictures will be posted.*

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