Monday, February 14, 2011

Friendship Day.

Today we celebrated "Friendship" Day as the expats here refer to it. (You know Valentines Day.) This is not a very liked holiday in kingdom, in fact the weeks prior the Mutawa (religious police) are known to scour the shops to get rid of anything resembling valentines, red, pink, hearts, cards, and so on.
We are privileged to be here. This I know and respect. We respect the culture that allows us to work and raise our families here and on the company camp. So we celebrated quietly on camp and in our homes. That is enough for me.
Carter was his happiest this morning. He was the leader at school today and it was his turn for show and tell, combine that with the excitement of valentines to give his friends.
Because he was so thrilled to show me his backpack and valentines he actually posed for pictures. So here are two.
Owen showing off a Valentine. This was the only photo I could snap before he ran off.
Then, this handsome man...
Brought me these...

If you know Mike well, you'll also know that he doesn't buy flowers very often. So this was an unexpected treat. They are beautiful and bright and happy. They make me happy.
Tonight we stayed home, ordered food in, baked cookies, caught up on a few shows and just relaxed and enjoyed our little family. Can't think of a better way than to spend the night with those I love the most.

Since then Carter fell asleep early. Owen on the other hand climbed out of the crib and now Mike has fallen asleep on the twin bed with Owen. The house is quiet and it's nice.
Quiet is not a word that I would have used to describe our house very often this past week. So that would also explain why this time to myself is so refreshing.

So, how was your friendship day?
Hugs, A
Happy Birthday Val/ Pappa! Hope you had a great day!

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Marie said...

Glad you were able to celebrate a little bit. You are soooo good about handling a new culture. I think I would be rebelling!