Sunday, February 13, 2011

This Week.

Before the posting begins a few photos of the boys.
The boys enjoying Katherines 3rd birthday celebrations for playgroup this past week. Owen is the cupcake king!
Carter in his king crown from Sunbeams. He was the king from the story of Daniel and the lions.
Owen watching a show way too late one night. He was not a tired kid at all. But he was happy so we let him stay up for a while.
Another week come and gone. I've actually had a few posts that I wanted to put together. The only problem was ripping myself away from the "Hunger Games" book series that I plowed through this week.
Now that the final book has been read I suppose life will resume yet again. There is laundry to be done and little projects that have taken second place to book reading. Mike is happy I'm done. I tend to get engulfed in good books and find finishing them bittersweet. Happy to read the end, sad that the journey is over. In this case, totally disappointed in the end. I mean really, all that and no further explanations or details. Lame. With this being said, I do still recommend the series. Does that make me a bit lame too?
I have accomplished more than just three books. We painted Owens room a great blue. We put Owens room together. Had our first backyard fire smore party. Took Carter to see Suessical that the Dhahran middle school put on. Got a hair cut. Spent a few mornings at playgroup. Enjoyed a few thunderstorms in the desert. Planted, planted and planted more plants in the yard and spent a lot of afternoons outside with the boys enjoying the weather and yard.
Amazing as well that the feelings of nesting in our new home has come back. It left right after shipment came and through the holidays, but now I am itching to paint walls, hang pictures and curtains and make this place ours.

We've been working on a visa for my mom to come visit. That has also come in and we expect her here in just a few days. I haven't told the boys yet. It's too exciting and I know the anticipation would drive Carter and me crazy. So on Wednesday morning I'll spill the beans and then the rest of the day we can rejoice in excitement for our first visitor from back home. How do you suppose I talk her into bringing a coke icee with her?

Best Carter Quotes this week.
At around 11 p.m. as Carter gets up to use the bathroom, he tells Mike,
"Daddy my feet not working."

On the way home the other day, Carter asks/tells me
"Mommy did a butterfly bite you on the foot right there? - Mommy a butterfly get you right there" as he points to the top of his foot. If you know me well enough you'll know exactly what he is talking about.

Best Owen moments this week.
He runs everywhere. There is purpose in everywhere he goes and he is determined to get there fast. This week he's started to throw his arms back like wings before he takes off.

So here I am just checking in. Doing good. Some days are better than others.
But such is life no matter what side of the world you are on.

Hugs, A

Happy Birthday Mom. Love you! See you in a few!

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Lindsay said...

I am glad things are going well. We were making Tayson's birthday plans and he asked why Carter couldn't sad! Give the boys a hug and have fun with your mom...and enjoy the gym!