Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Improvements.

We've been working on some home improvements over the past week.
First, the yard. It needed an overhaul and got it.
Next, the master closets and master bedroom received a complete deep clean and de-clutter.
Then, on to the study for deep cleaning and some purging of things we no longer use, read, or need. (You can imagine how big my DI pile is getting at this point.)
Finally, the big project last week was installing a back splash and painting the cabinets in our master bath. We're pretty happy with results.



Laura Gilgen said...

NICE job on the BATH ROOM!

lynette said...

I love the backsplash! What color did you paint the cabinets? I also love the new knobs and pulls! It looks great!

(Do you drawers really open? In my bathroom they don't--they're only cosmetic.)

Angie and Mike said...

Thanks ladies!

Lynette, we changed the drawers to fold out to hold smaller items like soap and toothbrushes. I can't remember what the actual name of the attachment was that we used, same as kitchen little drawers under the sink. So they are functional now and I love it.

The color is bitter chocolate. The primer was lavender and then the first coat looked dark purple... I was worried. But the second coat took it to dark brown.

stacibee said...

Looks so great Ang! I'm completely impressed.