Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day.

Tuesday was Carters first day of school. We signed him up for Mothers Day Out at a local church. It's a really great program and they offer preschool as well. Mothers Day Out is really structured and almost like a pre-preschool. He is in a class of 12 kids his age with two teachers. His first day went really well. He was thrilled to have a backpack and lunch sack and ran around the house with both of them for 30 minutes before we left. I even impressed myself and made him fancy name labels for both and his nap mat. When we got to school he ran right into his classroom, gave me a kiss and went off to play with the trucks. When I picked him up I was happy to find out he only had one accident at nap time. Not bad for a little guy who really only tells me, and sometimes daddy he needs to "go." His teacher told me Carter was a very kind child. Fantastic! The first day was a success, let's hope tomorrow, day 2, goes just as well.
Taking a before school picture with Owen, who was pretty happy to hang out with both parents all morning without the competition of Carter.
Mike is taking vacation this week so he was able to come with us on the first day.

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